Halo ATLAS app for iOS, Android and WP7 coming Dec. 10

Halo fans will soon have a way to get some real time information while playing multiplayer matches in both Halo Reach and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary via their smartphone or tablet. The official Halo web site announced today that the mobile device app Halo ATLAS (Assisted Tactical Assault System) will be released on December 10 for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices for $4.99.

The app will allow players of both games to "pan around, zoom in and out, and view weapon, vehicle and health pack spawns and information" on each of the multiplayer maps. The maps themselves have been created in collaboration with Brady Games which have published a ton of game strategy guides.

If you are playing a multiplayer match in either game, Halo ATLAS can actually show your position on the map which changes as you move around in the map. In team matches, it will also show the location of your teammates.  It will even indicate if your teammates are shooting at enemies or if they have been killed in combat. The real time feature does not yet work for the Firefight maps.

In addition to the new Halo ATLAS app, the Halo Waypoint feature is also coming to iOS and Android operating systems which will allow player to check their Halo Reach stats and more from supported devices.

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