Halo Living Monument web site launched

With Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary being released to stores this week, Microsoft has decided to promote both the revamped first person shooter and the 10th anniversary of the Halo game series with an interesting new web site. It's called the Halo Living Monument and it invites Halo fans to join in its creation.

The web site features a 3D rotating representation of Master Chief, the main character in nearly all of the Halo shooter games, all decked out in his Spartan armor. Microsoft is letting Halo fans upload pictures from their various Halo experiences. Those pictures are then placed on locations on the 3D model. Anyone who visits the web site can scroll over the 3D model.

Microsoft has also released a new live action trailer, shown below, to promote both the web site and the new Halo 10th anniversary game. If you upload a picture to be placed on the 3D model, that image appears in the same trailer when you watch it on the official site.

Halo is certainly the game that made the original Xbox game console a hit for Microsoft, especially here in the US. The Halo fan community, encouraged by the game's original developer Bungie, is one of the deepest and most well organized in the game industry. Hey, we wouldn't have had the Red Vs Blue series of Machinima shorts if it were not for Halo.

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