Halo: Reach release dates on PC and Xbox One may have leaked on the Microsoft Store [UPDATE]

Microsoft announced the arrival of Halo: Reach to PC and Xbox One as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection earlier this year, but a release date confirmation has yet to happen. However with only hours to go before the X019 kickoff, Microsoft Store pages of the game have been updated to reveal release dates.

Spotted by TrueAchievements, the Xbox One Halo: MCC Microsoft Store page now lists a November 14 release date, which happens to be today. The sudden date change may mean Microsoft is planning a shadow drop of Halo: Reach for Xbox One during the X019 Inside Xbox stream.

Meanwhile, the PC version of Halo: Reach on the Microsoft Store is also sporting a release date now, but it is not the same as the console release. This version is said to be arriving on December 3. Considering the latest Halo: Reach Insider flight on PC is still ongoing - after a second extension - separate release dates for the two platforms do make sense. After all, console Insider tests ended last month.

The PC version's minimum system requirements were also released quite recently, also giving hints at a quickly approaching release. In any case, be sure to tune into the X019 Inside Xbox stream later today to see if the store page changes were, in fact, accurate about the release dates.

During X019, Microsoft officially announced Halo: Reach's release date to be December 3, 2019.

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