Hammer poll over - Hammer wins

We asked yesterday "Should AMD retain the Hammer CPU name?"

Out of 5319 voters, 4434 said "yes", 392 said "no", and 493 said "Doesn't matter, fanboy".

That means there's more "doesn't matter fanboys" than people voting no, so it's particularly relevant that AMD Zone has dug up two more potential candidates that AMD is considering adding to an already long list.

AMD might call Hammer Forton, Metaron, Multeon, or Vanton, according to the site.

Perhaps AMD should think again, although there might well be some very good reason why it can't use Hammer – maybe it's too generic, like windows. No-one could trademark a word like windows, could they? That would be ludicrous.

Or perhaps AMD doesn't want to be too associated with The Pabster, which uses a hammer as a logo although perhaps a borrowed Gitane would be better.

News source: The Inquirer.

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