Hands-on, first impressions and your questions with BlackBerry's Motion

In the tail end of 2016, TCL purchased the rights to BlackBerry and immediately started to produce handsets. The first handset using the BlackBerry brand would be the KEYone, offering a familiar look, while also touting Android with many security and privacy customizations. During the summer it announced that sales of the device were great and that something new was on the horizon.

That something new would eventually turn out to be the Motion, a device that utilized roughly the same internals as the KEYone but ditched the physical keyboard in exchange for more screen real estate, with an IPS LCD display that comes in at 5.5 inches. While it was available in other parts of the world it only recently saw a release in the United States.

Since that time, the Motion has been unboxed and over the past week, has been used daily to learn its ins and outs. To be perfectly clear and up front, this device is fantastic. It isn't without its little quirks here and there, but overall, it's a solid entry that just works in all areas. The styling might not be the most modern but it certainly isn't boring, and while the internals like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor could use an update, it isn't a deal breaker in terms of performance. Also, you can't really argue with the 4,000mAh battery that easily provides a full day of battery life. It feels good going to bed at night with nearly 40 percent battery remaining while using intense battery draining apps during the day like Snapchat, Google Maps, and more.

Like most other smartphones, the Motion's camera is able to produce some great shots during the day but is a bit hit or miss when it comes to images and video captured at night. Overall, the camera performs well and can focus quickly, with options like image stabilization and manual controls. Again, this isn't the best camera on the market, but it certainly isn't the worst and should be good for daily use for most.

The BlackBerry Motion isn't the sleekest or most powerful device on the market, but when you are using it, it's clear that it is a well thought out device. It's hard to say exactly why this device feels good when in use, but for the past week, the experience has been glorious. Naturally, there will be a follow up with a full review, so stay tuned.

If you have questions, leave them in the comments down below.

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