Hands on with Windows 10 build 10163

A new build of Windows 10 has found its way to the Internet and this time it is version 10163. Seeing as this build is only one version newer than the last release to Insiders, there is not much in the way of new additions to the OS.

That's not a big surprise as Microsoft will sign-off on the RTM build this week which means that the OS is in total lockdown and the only updates to the OS would be apps that can be serviced through the Windows Store rather than through Windows update.

A full gallery of the update is posted below, but if you are running Windows 10 build 10162, this release will look familiar.

This release does run quite well, much like 10162 and it's again clear that Microsoft is working to squash as many bugs as they can before they send the OS off to OEMs to load on to new hardware. But, even though the build will be sent to OEMs in the best state Microsoft can obtain at this time, don't be surprised to see a few updates to be downloaded if you buy a new machine with Windows 10 on it this Summer.

I have been using the build for a couple of days now and it really is shaping up to be a solid OS. In my use, I have had no app crashes, the Start menu opens as expected, and battery life appears to be improving as well with each new release.

For those wondering why there are no watermarks other than the image at the top of this post, I removed it so that I wouldn't have to hide the string in each image.

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