Hands on with Windows 10X build 19578

Earlier today, Microsoft released the second-ever public build of the Windows 10X Emulator. What's particularly interesting about this one is that you no longer need to run it on a PC that's enrolled in the Windows Insider Program. That means that you can install it on a production machine without making a change that could affect system stability.

There are a few other notable changes in the build as well. For one thing, there's a new File Explorer app, which seems a lot cleaner than the old UWP File Explorer that's left over from the Windows 10 Mobile days. It's meant to have deep OneDrive integration, although another thing that's new is that there's actual OneDrive integration with all of the OS, something that wasn't in build 19563.

Another thing that's changed is how Win32 apps are windowed. Notepad is the main Win32 app that comes pre-installed, and on the previous build, it was the only app that was windowed. Now, it works like other apps do on Windows 10X.

But overall, the OS just seems to be better. More apps seem to have the ability to span dual-screen, and it's easier to drag apps from screen to screen. Hopefully Microsoft continues to iterate on this every four weeks or so.

Check out our hands on video below:

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