Happy 35th Birthday, Internet!

The Internet's first baby steps began in Leonard Kleinrock's UCLA lab 35 years ago today.

The young computer science professor's team had networked its computer with one at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park. The plan was for UCLA to send the letters "L-O-G" and for SRI to answer back with "I-N." The system crashed with the message reading just "L-O."

When a later attempt worked, UCLA graduate student Charley Kline's made a note in the lab's log book: "Talked to SRI host to host."

The test brought little fanfare. But Kleinrock knew that communicating over computer networks could change the world.

"What I never anticipated, though, was that my 97-year-old mother would be on the Internet today," Kleinrock said this week before a panel discussion to mark the Net's 35th birthday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

The 70-year-old UCLA professor still talks excitedly about the Net's social potential.

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