Hardware preview: NVIDIA GeForce Series 6

Thanks Hilbert the Guru of 3D for the heads up on this interesting 13 page article on the next generation of GeForce Series of cards.

After a year full of surprises, mistakes and basically one of the worse years of NVIDIA we finally are at the point where NVIDIA gives birth to its new silicon. The name ladies and gentlemen is twofold... the new product range is called the GeForce 6 series of GPU's (Graphic's Processor Unit) and the new products are called GeForce 6800 (no more FX) with the newest flagship named the 6800 Ultra. We cooked up a small 13 page preview:

    Since there will be two 6800 models let's have a look at them in a little table, all details as clockspeeds and prices are not yet 100% confirmed. But the thing you need to remember is that the 6800 will have 12 pixel pipelines and 128 MB DDR mempry and the 6800 Ultra is the beast with 256 MB DDR3 memory and 16 pixel pipelines.
View: NVIDIA GeForce Series 6 Hardware Preview

News source: Guru3D

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