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ABIT AB-2003 DigiDice SFF System review @

"Performance and stability were both good. Noise is another subjective issue. ABIT helps the user counter it by supplying an excellent BIOS. The hardware monitoring section allows for some fan-speed adjustment. Our feelings about the ABIT AB-2003 DigiDice are mixed. If there's one word to describe it, it's competent. It does a lot of things well but then lets itself down in other areas. It's a little too big for our personal liking, its front seems flimsy in comparison to other systems', and it doesn't quite make the best use of its feature set. On the other hand, it's fast, stable and different. We reckon it has enough appeal to warrant sales on pure merit. It's an acquired taste. You'll now have to decide if you've acquired it."

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SilenX 400 watt power supply review @ Techware Labs

Techware Labs has just completed a review of the SilenX 400 watt power supply. Here is a clip:

"In the struggle to cool a PC faster and more powerful fans have been used which consequently produce air turbulance and increased noise. Some may think of it as the price that one pays for a cooler computer, apparantly SilenX thinks that proper cooling can be done without the added cost of noise. Its a philosophy that most PC enthusiasts and even the average user will welcome with open arms."

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SilverStone SST-LC01 Desktop/HTPC Case review @

"Tower PC cases come in a wide variety of designs and options but the choice for a Home Theatre PC case at a fair price is relatively limited. SilverStone Technology is a comparative newcomer in the HTPC case market with the Lascala SST-LC01. The Lascala series squarely targets the HTPC builder with its classical lines designed to blend with other home theater components. It may look familiar but it does come with a bonus."

View: SilverStone SST-LC01 Desktop/HTPC Case Review

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