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3S Steelpad Mousepad

The pad performs flawlessly with the mice it is designed for, which would be any mouse apart from Logitech mice made before the MX series. Gaming and desktop use are great, that is, if you can stand the scratching noise associated with it. Applying the Pad Surfers does dull the noise a little but it is still noticeable. If you want to get a idea of what the noise sounds like, cover your existing mouse pad in tinfoil and use it for a while, you will soon see it's a bit distracting. During desktop use this noise was most noticeable.. During gaming the sound is drowned out a bit, but there is still a noticeable difference between the Steel Pad and other hard surface pads made of other materials.

Screenshot: Mousepad

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USB Pocket KVM Switch

KTI Networks is a network hardware manufacturer, which has recently entered new segments of the tech market. They were among the first manufacturers of USB flash hard drives with their PenDrive lineup. Their innovation in that market hasn't ceased as they were among the first manufacturers to release a unit which takes advantage of the increased I/O speeds of the USB 2.0 interface by reading and writing to the flash drive at record speeds.

Screenshot: KVM Switch

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Lian Li PC-05 Aluminum Case

"The Lian Li PC-05 Aluminum Case is the very first budget style case from Lian Li. This case has four 5.24", three 3.5" and three 3.5" hidden drive bays and three fans. There are two fans with a filter at the front and one at the back to allow good air flow. While this case has all the essentials it doesn't have a removable motherboard tray but it's well priced and has great build quality. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Screenshot: Lian Li PC-05

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