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We've had a fair few reviews sent in of late, so heres a quick round up.

Icemat Gaming Surface Review @ Tweaknews.net

"I used to think that the mousepad made little or no difference in computing. Because of the Icemat, I now see the error of my ways. The mouse is one of the most used devices on your computer and it relies almost completely on surface texture to work properly. As such, the mouse pad used should optimize your mouse's performance and efficiency." View : here (and another mouse mat review here at Over Clockers Club)

How to Volt-mod your ATI Radeon videocard @ techspot.com

"We took a Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro videocard and modded it for maximum overclockability. Despite of the fact that we missed testing using watercooling, results using the stock cooling unit was pretty decent. Read on." View : here

PC Toys PowerMaxx 470W Power Supply @ bigbruin.com

"Despite lower than expected voltage readings, the PC Toys PowerMaxx 470 provided reliable power with no stability issues during testing and subsequent use. Nice features such as the AC outlet, fan speed controller, and an abundance of internal power connections make it appealing for use in just about any situation." View : here (another PSU review here @ TechTastic.ca)

Thermalright ALX-800 Heat Sink @ Ohls-Place.com

"Thermalright has had the golden touch when it comes to heat sinks as of late. When they released the SLK-800 and SLK-900 they both literally took over the market. After this great success it made me wonder what they could up with next to eclipse the previous two. The answer is the ALX-800; a hybrid copper and aluminum heat sink designed around the principle of the 800/900 but is it safe to mention this new addition in the same sentence?" View : here

Corsair XMS 1GB DDR400 Registered Memory @ Legit Reviews

""Corsair picked out picked out IC's, a PCB and a form factor that make a winning combination for everyone that is in need of registered memory. Having the ability to run super tight timings of 2-3-2-5 on registered modules with no stability issues is a sign of good engineering and is what all enthusiasts and gamers want to be running at...." View : here

Fujitsu Lifebook P5020 Review @ Design Technica.com

"For those ready to wean themselves away from the bigger-is-always-better world of widescreen laptops, the Sony VAIO TR2A and Fujitsu Lifebook-P5010 are the class of the sub notebook market. But a combination of lower price and more removable-media options give the Lifebook an edge that ensures you get the portability you need without sacrificing flexibility. The Fujtisu Lifebook-P5010 is the BMW Cooper Mini of the laptop world. It's tiny frame and attractive looks hide the fact that it is mature-packed, easy to own, and for most exactly what is needed out on the road." View : here

Thats all for now!

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