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IWILL KK400 Series with DDR400, AGP8x and Serial ATA

"High-end motherboard manufacturer, IWILL Corporation, launches its latest Socket A platform motherboard, KK400 series. KK400 series, with VIA KT400 chipset, support DDR 400/333/266 DRAM up to 3GB and AGP8x that achieves 2.1GB/s bandwidth. KK400 series are also integrated with Serial ATA interface to show you the great performance of this new storage technology! Besides, IWILL KK400 series are also the members of FI series motherboards that support FI Panel to provide the frequently used IO connectors on the front panel."

View: IWILL KK400 Series @ T-Break

AOpen AX4G Pro Motherboard Review

"The 845G GMCH is cooled by a passive aluminium heatsink, which is large enough to dissipate heat with an additional fan, and is secured to the PCB with two short retention hooks. An AGP slot, six PCI slots, and one CNR slot are situated just below the cooler in their traditional positions. The AGP slot has a small card-lock mechanism on the end, which can help prevent a card from popping out unexpectedly. The ICH4 Southbridge is located across from the third PCI slot, and integrated support for up to six USB 2.0 channels."

View: AOpen AX4G Pro @ Tweakers.com.au

Abit KX7-333R Motherboard Review

"The power of the board and memory is released when the CPU casts away the shackles of a 266MHz Bus. Now that AMD have announced they are moving to a 333Mhz Bus (166Mhz DDR) it will drastically improve the performance of their processors and make boards sporting the KT333, and soon to be mainstream KT400 chipset of use to non-overclockers."

Vew: Abit KX7-333R motherboard @ DeviantPC

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