Has Microsoft not yet approved Clover-Trail based Windows 8 tablets?

Last week, Intel held a press event in San Fransisco where they demoed a number of upcoming Windows 8 tablets including the Dell Latitude 10, shown above, that have Intel's Atom Z2760 processor inside. The chip, better known by its code name of Clover Trail, is supposed to allow Windows 8 tablets to have up to 10 hours of battery life, according to Intel.

Now a new report from Bloomberg states, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft has yet to actually approve any Clover Trail based Windows 8 tablets. The story claims that the reason is that Intel has yet to finalize the necessary power management software for that chip.

The report comes just a few days after another story, which claimed Intel CEO Paul Otellini, in a private meeting with employees in Taiwan, said that Windows 8 was not yet ready. Intel later said the reports were "unsubstantiated" but did not flat out deny that Otellini made those remarks.

Officially, a spokesperson from Intel still claimed today that Windows 8 tablets with its Clover Trail processor will be ready for the Windows 8 launch on October 26th. The spokesperson added, "We’ve collaborated very closely with Microsoft in extensive testing and validation ... " on the Clover Trail chips.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that the company has certified 800 PCs for Windows 8 so far, but the statement did not say if those PCs were based on Clover Trail. The spokesperson added, "We look forward to the new Atom-based offerings from Intel to complement the already strong Windows 8 and Windows RT ecosystem."

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Dell

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