Judge: DMCA allows DVD Ripping

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A judge made a ruling on Monday that suggests that educational institutions are allowed rip DVDs and stream them. The judge dismissed the lawsuit that claimed the DMCA was violated by the practice.


Grooveshark faces another lawsuit

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Grooveshark has been served another lawsuit, to continue its ongoing copyright issues. The lawsuit was issued on July 15th in the state of Tennessee. As CNET reports, the lawsuit comes with the backing of song...


Microsoft demands take-down of leaked "spy guide"

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Whistleblowing site Cryptome has landed itself in trouble with Microsoft legal for publishing the software company's “Global Criminal Compliance Handbook.” The handbook, dated March 2008, is a 22-page guide that describes the surveillance services Microsoft offers...

Lexmark suffers second knock back in DMCA case

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A federal appeals court has denied Lexmark's request to consider reimposing an injunction against a firm that makes components that allow generic replacement ink cartridges to work in Lexmark printers. The ruling by the US...

Lexmark loses DMCA ink cartridge case

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Major printer company Lexmark has lost a case in a US court in which it tried to deploy the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) to prevent other companies making cartridges that work with its printers....

DMCA comments published

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The Register Of Copyrights resides in the US Library of Congress and has public rulemaking authority over copyright enforcement for all types of media -- all books, periodicals, plays, music, films, etc. In...

DMCA takes another blow

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Critics of a controversial U.S. copyright law applauded a jury's decision Tuesday to acquit a Russian software firm charged with creating an illegal encryption-disabling program. The verdict, they say, will make prosecutors more reluctant to...

DMCA coming your way UK'ers

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The UK looks set to get its own version of the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), following the publication of proposals to implement the EU Copyright Directive into UK Law. A...

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