Halo 5: Guardians has gone gold

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Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians has gone gold, and preparations for distribution have begun. This comes just three weeks before the game is released worldwide.


Mac OS X Snow Leopard reaches Golden Master

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According to several sources in contact with MacRumors.com, Mac OS X 10.6 Build 10A432 has been designated as the Golden Master. This build is the final release out of the development team and will likely...

Sins of a Solar Empire nears gold

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Sins of a Solar Empire, the upcoming strategy game that combines real-time strategy with 4X depth is heading towards going gold. Sins has been described as a cross between Homeworld and Civilization. As a game,...

phpBB 3.0.0 Gold released

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phpBB, the leading open source forum and online collaboration system announced the availability of phpBB Version 3.0.0 "Gold". This release includes enhanced collaboration features, better security and delegated administration features, extended support for open source...

Free Xbox LIVE Gold later this month (Europe)

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Microsoft has announced Xtival 07, a European event set to take place from November 23 to 26. During the event all Xbox LIVE members will have access to Gold level functionality for free, making it...

Unreal Tournament 3 PC Has Gone Gold

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It's official! Midway has issued a press release stating that Unreal Tournament 3 has gone gold. Midway and Epic today announced that Unreal Tournament 3 has gone to gold master for the PC. Developed by...

Briton claims first gaming gold

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British gamer Shaun Clark has won the UK's first gaming gold at the World Cyber Games. Mr Clark, aka Apollooo, took the top medal in the Command & Conquer 3 tournament at the week-long festival...

C&C Gold offered as Free Download

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In order to give back to the fans for over 12 years of devotion we are putting together a 12th Anniversary celebration during the month of September. However, as any Command & Conquer fan knows,...

Halo 3 Goes Gold

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Microsoft and Bungie announced today that Halo 3 has gone gold. The game is schedule for release on September 25, 2007 in the U.S. The wait is almost over. "Halo 3," the final chapter in...

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