TechSpot: Best Routers of 2015

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The need for a good wireless router in modern homes is stronger than ever. We've gone through dozens of expert reviews and long-term usage impressions from actual owners to bring you the best picks.


Belkin buys Linksys

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Belkin has announced that they've bought the Home Networking Business Unit from Cisco, which includes Linksys, for an undisclosed amount. With the purchase, they'll occupy around 30% of the market

Linksys Simplifies Wireless Security

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A one-button setup technology that Cisco Systems' Linksys division and chip maker Broadcom developed for secure wireless LANs finally hit the market this week, as Linksys also announced a travel router that includes the technology....

Linksys Secures Media Streaming

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A multimedia adapter from Cisco Systems' Linksys Group division will use technology being supported by Intel and several major home electronics vendors to secure content streaming from a PC to a TV or stereo system....

Linksys says faster..FASTER!

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Over at CES, Linksys will be announcing a new series of 802.11g products that integrate SRX, a new speed boosting feature. Currently, 802.11g networks have a range of between 120 and 160 feet...

Linksys joins the "enhanced" 802.11G club

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Thanks xStainDx. New Linksys Wireless-G Products with SpeedBooster Provide Enhanced Performance by up to 35% and Compatibility with other 802.11b/g Products Linksys®, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., and the leading global manufacturer...

Intel, Linksys partner to improve Wi-Fi

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Intel and Linksys announced a partnership aimed at making it easier for consumers to use wireless networking technology, as the two companies look to gain a stronger foothold in the emerging market. Chipmaker Intel and...

Cisco to buy Linksys

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Cisco Systems is back on the acquisition road, and with it's large "cheque book", plans to snap up wireless vendor Linksys Group Thursday in a stock deal valued at $500 million. ...

Linksys vulnerability puts home users at risk

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An easily exploitable software vulnerability in a common home networking router by Linksys Group Inc. could expose thousands of home users to denial of service attacks, according to a security advisory issued by iDefense Inc.,...

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