TechSpot: Best Routers of 2015

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The need for a good wireless router in modern homes is stronger than ever. We've gone through dozens of expert reviews and long-term usage impressions from actual owners to bring you the best picks.


Belkin buys Linksys

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Belkin has announced that they've bought the Home Networking Business Unit from Cisco, which includes Linksys, for an undisclosed amount. With the purchase, they'll occupy around 30% of the market

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LogMeIn Hamachi

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LogMeIn Hamachi is a VPN service that easily sets up in 10 minutes, and enables secure remote access to your business network, anywhere there's an Internet connection. It works with your existing firewall, and requires no...

Zune Online as a Social Networking Site

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Channel 10 has posted a short 5 minute video interview with one of the member's of the Zune Team, detailing what exactly Robbie Bach was talking about during the Bill Gates keynote when he announced...

Google acquires Zingku social networking platform

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Mobile social networking and communication platform Zingku announced it had entered into an agreement to have Google acquire its service, but Google remained silent of the move. The service, launched in the United States in...

Playboy to Launch College Social Networking Site

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To compensate for declining readership and profits, Chicago-based Playboy Enterprises Inc. is heading back to school to boost the bottom line in one of its biggest expansion efforts in years. Riding a wave of renewed...

Disney Joins the Social Networking Club

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Social networking, a phenomenon which has experienced enormous growth since MySpace brought it into the mainstream, apparently has become so profitable that even Disney, mastermind behind animated classics such as Snow White and the Seven...

Government Defends Social Networking Sites Block

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The Department of Defense has been asked to reconsider its decision to block military access to social networking sites on its computers. In regardes to use of the sites, where soldiers share photos, videos and...

Google, Brazil Lock Horns Over Social Networking Data

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Google's presence in Brazil might be threatened by a dispute with that government's law enforcement agency over user data. Brazil's public attorney has filed suit against Google demanding information on users of its social networking...

Apple Will Target Tiger's Networking Glitches

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Although two updates to Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X Tiger have fixed many compatibility problems, enterprise networking problems persist. A new update, version 10.4.3, is expected this summer, and will address some of the...

Longhorn Networking Revealed: Summary

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This afternoon we were treated to an interesting Microsoft TechNet chat session on networking in Windows Longhorn. The session provided a great overview of what we can expect from the Longhorn networking team come this...

Yahoo tests blend of blogging, networking

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Yahoo Inc. is preparing to introduce a new service that blends several of its website's popular features with two of the Internet's fastest growing activities — blogging and social networking. The hybrid service, called "Yahoo...

Chambers: Networking Is Back

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Cisco's CEO said in his keynote speech at NetWorld+Interop that IT spending is on the upswing, and that Investments In IT are helping to improve productivity. Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers gave a...

Social Networking in the Digital Age

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It used to be if you wanted to win more friends, influence more people or make more money, you bought one of those self-improvement tomes and tried to pump up your personality. These days, all...

Microsoft, Intel weave networking standard

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Microsoft and Intel are backing a standardization effort to connect all manners of devices, from computer peripherals to consumer electronics, using Web services protocols. The companies, along with Canon and Java software maker BEA Systems,...

Google spawns social networking service

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Google tip-toed into the hot market of online social networks with the quiet launch of Orkut.com on Thursday. The search company, which is expected to go public this year, is flexing its power...

MS Releases New Fast Home Networking Products

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Ratified and Wi-Fi-Certified, the Wireless-G Lineup Includes The Only First-Party Solution for Wireless Xbox Gaming Microsoft Corp. today unveiled Wireless-G, an innovative Wi-Fi®-certified 802.11g wireless networking solution. Utilizing powerful security technologies, the...

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