Former Palm head departs HP

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Jon Rubinstein, who was the head of Palm and later joined HP when that company acquired Palm, has now officially left HP. There is no information on where he will be working next.


WebOS to go open source

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HP has announced that it will release the WebOS operating system as open source software, months after the company's decision to stop making WebOS-based hardware products.


The TouchPad Lives!

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After being discontinued back in August, the future looked bleak for HP's TouchPad. But now images have surfaced of what appears to be a new 7-inch incarnation of the ill-fated tablet.


HP Slate to run WebOS, or not.

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After the release of the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, along with the critically acclaimed Palm WebOS, there were all kinds of unanswered questions about the products' future after Palm was bought out by HP....


HP buys Palm for $1.2 Billion

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HP said on Wednesday that it had entered into an agreement to purchase Palm for $1.2 Billion. In a press release issued by HP, the company said the acquisition would allow HP to "participate more aggressively...


Palm's head of software resigns

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Senior Vice President of Software and Services Michael Abbott submitted his resignation on April 12. The same day Palm reportedly went up for sale due to a decline in profits since the release of...


Palm goes up for sale

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After months of financial issues and company troubles, the company Palm has reportedly gone up for sale. Since the release of one of its latest smartphones, the Pre, Palm saw a decline in profits, which...


Lenovo to acquire Palm?

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Rumors over a possible buyout of Palm by computer manufacturer Lenovo caused the mobile phone company's stock to rise by 20 percent today. Hedge fund investors are speculating that Lenovo will soon place a bid...

Endwar: Palm and Amazon come together

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The Palm and Apple war seems to have ended. Readers may remember that when the Palm Pre was released it had the ability to sync with Apple's iTunes software. It did this is in a...


Palm Pixi makes its debut

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Palm stole the headlines in the smartphone world this year with the introduction of its face-saving handset, the Pre. Now three months later, the little sister named the Pixi is here. The Pixi is due...


Apple's Jobs sought no-poaching deal with Palm

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Two weeks ago we reported that Apple and Google were being investigated for suspicion of anti-competitive hiring practices. The belief is that, in California where non-compete agreements are rarely, if ever enforced that Google and...


No more iPhone subsidies for Microsoft employees

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Unmoved by independent market-analysis company Forrester Research's conclusion that "iPhone users are richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than those who use competing smartphones," Microsoft has taken steps that have left some...


AT&T leaked document bashes the Palm Pre

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A leaked document, supposedly from AT&T's internal network, has been making its rounds around the internet. The document compares the features of the Palm Pre and Apple's iPhone in such a way, that it would...

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