Hellgate London Source code stolen?

According to Gamers With Jobs, Hellgate London, Flagship Studios upcoming Sci-Fi themed FPS RPG has taken a page out of the Half-Life 2 book of bad network security. According to the report, the Flagship Studios network was hacked by a Chinese individual, and this person is now attempting to sell the source code on his personal website (good move) for some unknown reason.
There are no confirmations on this story. 1up.com and Gamers With Jobs have both contacted Flagship Studios and spoken to the CEO Bill Roper and he cannot confirm or deny the rumors. And he has heard about the rumors. Their network was taken down, and brought back online. No reason was given for this. One can only hope the rumor is false and it was just routine work on the network. If this rumor is true however, it could be a devastating blow to the company. What with the multiplayer focus of the game, source code being released is bad news. It would be a hackers field day.
I will post updates on this story as I find them. We will see shortly whether or not this story is true or not.

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