Hello Neighbor can now be pre-ordered, coming to the Xbox One and PC on August 29

While there are always new games that are coming to market, Hello Neighbor is one of those titles that is just a tad different from the rest. The game has been in development for a couple years, going through Kickstarter and eventually landing at publisher tinyBuild Games. More recently, it has reached a new milestone with its latest alpha and will be finally coming to the PC and the Xbox One this August.

The game is a stealth survival horror video game that requires the player to break into a neighbor's home and uncover a terrible secret. Although this may sound easy, it is in fact, quite the opposite. The neighbor's home has some of the strangest design elements, traps, and even a roller coaster track connected to the upper levels. If you have previously experienced the game through their alpha, it is probably worth the time to check it out again, as they have added more to the fourth alpha build.

As mentioned before, Hello Neighbor is now available for pre-order from your favorite digital merchant like Steam, GOG, Twitch, and more. The title can be sampled by downloading the demo or playing the alpha through Steam.

Source: tinyBuild Games

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