Here's what got fixed, improved, and broken in Windows 10 Mobile build 14905

Microsoft today released Windows 10 build 14905 for both PC and Mobile, making it the first Redstone 2 build for Windows 10 Mobile. The build is a bit ahead of schedule, as Microsoft had promised Mobile builds a few weeks after PC builds began; however, 14901 for PCs was only six days ago.

Redstone 2 is the codename for the next major update to Windows 10, slated to arrive in 2017. Not much is known about it at this time, but it's rumored to have a focus on Windows phones, which will be a refreshing change for fans of Microsoft's mobile platform.

The release notes list a number of fixes, improvements, and known issues in today's build, which is interesting given that the Anniversary Update was released yesterday. One must wonder why the update was released when there were clearly things that needed to be fixed.

Nevertheless, here are the fixes and improvements from Windows 10 Mobile build 14905:

  • Missed call notifications are now more actionable, with inline options to call back, text or remind yourself to do something about it later.

  • We fixed an issue where videos played in Windows Phone 8 apps might not pause when an incoming call was received.

  • We fixed an issue where, if “Show my caller ID” is set to “My contacts”, the contact being called might still see a blocked caller ID.

  • We fixed an issue where the Lock screen might fail to update to the new time after a time zone change.

  • We fixed an issue resulting in music not resuming after a call was finished, if Turn-by-Turn directions were being read out from the Maps app when the phone call came in.

Here are the known issues:

  • If you move apps between a SD card and internal storage (either direction), those apps will get stuck in a pending state. The workaround to get your apps working again is to uninstall the app through Settings > System > Storage (apps cannot be uninstalled from All apps list). Then you can re-install the app from the Store.

  • Cortana’s text to speech capabilities is not working in this build. For example, Cortana won’t be able to read text messages out loud for you, tell jokes, sing, or give verbal prompts.

While there are only two known issues, they are significant. Many users rely on the ability to transfer apps between internal storage and SD cards, or Cortana's voice capabilities.

Since there isn't much that's new in this build, it might be worth skipping. After all, you're taking on known issues without new features. It's risk with little reward.

If you do want build 14905, make sure that your phone is on the Fast ring. We noted yesterday that you should double-check your Insider Preview settings, as many phones have been reset. Head over to Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Insider Program and make sure that you're in the Fast ring.

Source: Windows Blog

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