Here's a workaround for Chrome crashes in Windows 10 build 10525 [Update]

Yesterday, Microsoft kicked off the second round of Windows 10 core updates with build 10525, providing you opted to "Get Insider builds" and have linked your Microsoft ID to the Windows Insider program. The next major update for Windows 10 is expected to ship in the fall as Wave 2 and Insiders will be providing feedback on that process before it happens.

Although Microsoft informed users of the "known issues" with Windows 10 build 10525, one particular issue that was overlooked relates to the 64-bit version of Google Chrome. Whenever the browser is launched in 10525, all tabs crash and you are presented with the following message:

No websites load and all plugins and extensions crash with the above message, reading: “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. Closing the apps and tabs that you don't need may help by making more memory available.” Not cool.

Fortunately there are two workarounds. The first: reinstall the Chrome 32-bit version, this fixes the issue (Thanks Tom!); or, if you want to keep the 64-bit version - you will need to locate the shortcut to Chrome, by searching for it in the Start menu and opening the file location by right clicking on the Chrome entry.

Then right click on the shortcut which is shown in the folder and add on the end of the target path --no-sandbox as shown in the image above.

This is not a recommended way to run Chrome, as it could affect the stability of the app, but the issue has been reported to Google, and no doubt a fix will probably be a high priority for the company, as this affects all versions in the stable, beta and dev channels.

Should you use this workaround, keep an eye out for fix announcements and remember to remove the --no-sandbox flag once it is no longer an issue.

We will update this article once Google has both acknowledged the problem and announced a fix.

Update: Google has responded to the support article acknowledging the issue, about half an hour ago, and also suggested that people think twice before using builds from the Windows Insider Fast ring if they don't want to encounter "temporary breakage" like this in the future!

We have the problem confirmed and someone is working on it, so additional "me to" comments are a distraction at this point. Please just star the issue if you want to convey that you are affected, and if we have any questions or need additional feedback we'll post a comment.

Also, please remember that this kind of temporary breakage is expected for users on the Windows 10 fast ring. So, we definitely appreciate your assistance in tracking down these problems, but if you're not comfortable dealing with disruptions and workarounds, then the fast ring might not be for you.

Star it folks, don't "me too!"

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