Heroes of Neweth back online after server failures

After suffering from what developer S2 Games said was a "catastrophic hardware failure" on Tuesday, the online servers of the popular fantasy action-RTS game Heroes of Newerth are now back up and running. In a post on the game's server status web site, S2 Games states, "We have been working non-stop to get HoN back online for everyone and are happy to say the game is back up and running!."

That's the good news. However there's also some bad news for players of the game. According to the site the server hardware failure means that " ... we were forced to roll everything back to June 9th. This means everything- stats, store purchases with in-game coins, coin purchases, stat resets, sub-account purchases, etc. - since June 9th has been permanently deleted." This also includes any new passwords if players have changed it recently. However, if players have purchased any in-game items with real money that will be restored via a web site sometime tomorrow.

As we mentioned earlier, Heroes of Newerth has also suffered from a recent denial of service attack from hackers. In the post today, S2 Games said, "We sincerely thank everyone for their patience over the past day, as well as the past few weeks. We know it hasn’t been easy and we are truly appreciative of everyone staying with us." S2 Games is making it up to its players by unlocking nearly all of the items in the in-game store to use "with the exception of Nickname Changes and Custom Account Icons" on a temporary basis. Another unnamed "gift" to Heroes of Newerth players will be made available later.

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