Hey Motorola! Why did you change the design of the metal band on the Moto 360?

It has been some time since we heard news of the Motorola Moto 360, but today I noticed something odd when I was presented with an image of the Moto 360 with a metal band. When the Moto 360 debuted, it was only available to purchase with a leather strap in three different colors. Motorola promised that the metal band unit was on its way and it would also be available separately.

Several months later, Motorola debuted the premium version of the Moto 360 complete with metal band. While I understand things can change and Motorola did demo the unit above to press, it really makes me wonder what happened to the original metal band that Motorola touted on its website and press releases the first six months during its advertising campaign.

What happened to this metal band?

While the metal band option is nice, it looks nothing like the images that were initially presented by Motorola. The previously teased metal band looked luxurious and had a unique link structure that oozed class . While there could be numerous reasons Motorola changed the design, it really is quite shocking how generic and unrefined the new metal band looks. The design is no better than a generic metal band you could pick up at your local timepiece retailer.

With that said, we have reached out to Motorola to try and get some information as to why they changed such a beautiful looking band into something less inspired.

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