Hi-Tech Babble Baffles Many

Thanks nuggetman. I know our neowinians would've passed this test with flying colours. Make sure to try it out at the link below to prove me right. :)

Most people are confused and flummoxed by the jargon used to describe new technology, says a survey. Terms such as MP3 and Bluetooth are only understood by a small number of people, a report by a consumer research group found. The findings are bad news for the industry, as it suggests that the baffling terms are putting people off buying the latest gadget.

"The technology industry must simplify its vocabulary so that consumers around the world can better understand the benefits technology can bring to their lives," said Patrick Moorhead, chairman of AMD's Global Consumer Advisory Board, which commissioned the study. More than 1,500 people in the US, UK, China and Japan took part in the survey, which looked at how far consumers understood jargon used to described new gadgets. The results showed that people were perplexed by many of the terms routinely bandied around by technology firms.

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News source: BBC News

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