Hillcrest Labs brings LG Magic Motion Remote to reality

At CES this past January, LG revealed their Magic Motion Remote. The remote allows you to change channels simply by flicking your wrist. Today, more has been revealed about this Wiimote-like TV remote. According to Engadget, "Hillcrest Labs, the company behind the Loop mouse/bracelet, is proudly proclaiming that its Freespace tech is what makes LG's remote so magical in the first place."

lg motion remote

Image Credit: Engadget

This new LG remote control should prove to be a very interesting technology. However, we at Neowin suspect that it will probably make a lot of arms tired. It is probably a good thing that LG thought to include buttons on the remote as well. It was also revealed that Sony is planning to implement the technology in the future.

Rumors are surfacing that because we are only a few weeks from the launch of PlayStation Move's launch, this technology may be included in it as well. However, this move by Sony to license the technology may simply be their way of protecting their property from the legal proceedings that Hillcrest is in with Nintendo right now. Hillcrest has recently filed a patent dispute with Nintendo over their Wii Remote technology. This move by Sony could even be a result of the patent dispute over Sony’s DualShock 3 controller. Either way, Sony must have an important reason for investing in the licensing from Hillcrest.

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