Hitachi Unveils 300-Gig Hard Drive

Global Storage Technologies calls its just-announced Ultrastar 10K300 the worlds first 300-GB enterprise hard-disk drive. The 1-inch high disk drive, which spins five platters at 10,000 rpm, meets the requirements of mission-critical storage applications, such as online transaction processing, data analysis and media streaming, claims Hitachi.

The Ultrastar 10K300 is already in the hands of "major OEMs worldwide," and Hitachi says that volume shipments of the drive will start in the second quarter of this year.

Although the Ultrastar is a new offering, its enhanced head design and disk manufacturing processes are based on several predecessors -- the Ultrastar 146Z10 and the DK32EJ.

"These drives are extremely mature, proven designs that received numerous industry awards and accolades for product quality and reliability," Bill Healy, senior vice president, consumer and commercial hard-disk drive, Hitachi GST, told NewsFactor.

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