Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro 3 is a fast all-in-one tool to find, identify and remove active viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, rootkits and other malware.

Without installing heavy software (which slow down your PC) Hitman Pro 3 will reveal in a few minutes if your PC is infected with malicious software. Without real-time monitoring, the unique behavioral scan in Hitman Pro 3 will quickly identify possible malware using heuristics and by correlating numerous facts and activities. Such as file origin, entropy, authenticode certification, visibility, network connections, etc. It even uses public search engines to learn about new threats (security gossip). Using comprehensive whitelisting and multiple anti-virus technologies in the Confirmation Cloud, Hitman Pro 3 knows exactly which files are safe and malicious. The smart malware removal engine automatically targets malware references like shortcuts and registry entries. Resilient malware is removed on reboot using a native NT removal engine.

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Hitman Pro 3 - Industry's first behavioral scan with multi-vendor confirmation cloud. Will even run from a USB stick.

This is BETA software! Please observe results carefully before removing malicious files.

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