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HoloLens: Here's the prototype hardware that I couldn't photograph

Back in January at the Windows 10 event, Microsoft showed off HoloLens and started the hype train for its next major advancement in the world of hardware and productivity. While I was allowed to try out the hardware and you can read about that here, one thing I was not able to do was take pictures of the prototype hardware.

Thanks to a video that was posted back around the announcement of the device, you can now see what the hardware looks like. This video is not new but it was only recently discovered that the hardware that the press got to use was briefly shown off in the video.

The image you see at the top of this post is that hardware and the blue straps you see hanging from the headset goes to an external pack that houses a battery and the CPU. Also, when I got to use the hardware, it was tethered to a PC so those facilitating the demos could see what we were looking at to help guide us through the demonstrations of the technology which is not shown in the top image.

You can check out the video above and the hardware is shown off at the 1:14 mark of the NASA demonstration.

News out of the Microsoft camp has been rather quiet about HoloLens as we have not heard or seen anything new since the announcement in late January. The next logical place we might hear about HoloLens will be at BUILD which takes place at the end of April in San Francisco.

Thanks for the tip @clubdirthill

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