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Horizons Stratics presents the fourth edition of their monthly Q&A. This time around it's with Monika Carlson, Director of Customer Service and Quality Assurance at Artifact Entertainment. Just a friendly tip for those of you wanting to get hired under her - she loves Hello Kitty :)

Could you explain what the hiring process is for World Masters and Customer Service Representatives, and the criteria required for those positions?

Ideally the World Masters are individuals who have extensive gaming experience, and prior experience supporting a MMORPG. The World Masters will have a substantial in-game presence and need to be advanced users who understand not only how to play the game, but why people enjoy playing these games, and how we as a department can ensure their happiness in game. While it does not hurt for the CSR's to have gaming experience, it is not required. For the CSR group I am interested in finding more individuals who have either customer service or technical support experience. The CSR's are the front-line of Customer Service, and are often the first Artifact Entertainment employees that a player will meet.

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