How about wireless entertainment in your home?

It didn't seem that long ago that those running DIY home renovation projects would take the re-plastering as an opportunity to run speaker cable and then category 5 networking cable from room to room. Those days could be long gone, and not just because of the sprawl across suburbia of house design TV programmes promoting 'design' over function. Wireless data networks in the home are enjoying significant growth, and now it's really beginning to move from just email and web browsing to encompass audio and video.

Entertainment through the airwaves - who would have thought of that? (Marconi and Baird perhaps?)

However, unlike the broadcast media of TV and radio which are becoming more digital in the reception stage, home entertainment networks bridge the digital supply from the PC and Internet, to the analogue home stereo and TV. They also only broadcast over a short range and hopefully only to those devices within the homeowners' network. Clearly for reasons of security, but perhaps also to avoid falling foul of any legislation covering inappropriate broadcasting.

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