How fast can the Xbox One use a QR Xbox Live code? Pretty fast

In July, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One would be able to read QR codes on printed cards, including Xbox Live Cards, via the included Kinect sensor. This was promised as a welcome change from having to use a controller to access a virtual keyboard and click in a 25-digit code, as is the case on the current Xbox 360 and its gift and Xbox Live cards.

Now we know just how quickly the new QR code-Kinect combo will work with the Xbox One. Microsoft's director of Xbox Live programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has posted up a Vine video that shows him stating "Xbox, Use a code" which brings up the appropriate menu on the Xbox One dashboard. He then puts a 14-day Xbox Live Gold card in front of the Kinect sensor and the UI almost instantly recognizes the QR code.

In theory, the code could also be used to quickly add money to an Xbox Live account with the recently launched new Xbox cards. It could also be used to unlock extra content printed in cards that are included in Xbox One retail games packages. All in all, this clip shows that the next generation Kinect sensor seems to be working as advertised.

Source: Larry Hyrb on Vine

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