How the Windows XP "Bliss" background came to be

Bliss, the default background on Windows XP, is considered one of the most iconic photos ever. The photo, taken by Chuck O'Rear, came to be the second most expensive photo ever licensed. But where did it come from, and how was it discovered?

An article from the Daily Mail has managed to shed some light on where it came from. The photo was taken during a routine journey between Napa and San Francisco. "This was January when the grass is the most brilliant green here so I jumped out and took a couple of shots and then carried on my way," O'Rear said. At the time he didn't give the picture much more thought.

Eventually Microsoft got in touch with his agent, who found the photo in the Corbis photo archives. O'Rear's career includes 25 years working for National Geographic and taking photos of winemaking near his Napa Valley home. His life in photography alone has been impressive, but his lasting legacy will probably be a photo people don't think much about.

Unfortunately, O'Rear is not one of the millions of people that see his creation daily, as he uses a Mac instead.

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