HP announces all-in-one Z1 Workstation PC

Most of the time, all-in-one PCs are nice to look at but unfortunately cannot be upgraded easily, at least not without the skills and the tools of a professional PC hardware service person. Today, HP announced plans to offer an all-in-one PC for the business market that it claims will be very easy to upgrade, at least with certain parts.

The product is the Z1 Workstation, and inside it has a number of standard hardware parts for such PCs. It has Intel Xeon-based processors and NVIDIA Quadro graphics chips. It also has options for up to 2 TB of hard drive space or up to 300 GB for solid state drives. It can hold up to 32 GB of memory and has a slot loading disk drive (DVD or Blu-Ray).

However, the coolest feature of the Z1 Workstation is its ease of service. The casing of the all-in-one design can be opened up without tools. In addition the PC allows for easy replacement of its power supply, graphics card, hard drives, the optical drive, the PC's cooling blower and its memory.

The Z1 Workstation may not be made for the general consumer but it certainly looks cool and the promise of an easy-to-upgrade design will hopefully inspire HP to release a version for the general public. The Z1 Workstation is due out sometime in April for the starting price of $1,800.

Images via HP

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