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HP bolsters Earth Day recycle offer

With Earth Day in mind, Hewlett-Packard has increased its incentive to recycle computer gear using its service in April.

HP is doubling the credit it gives toward the purchase of a new product from its e-commerce Web site. People in the United States who use its online recycling service between April 1 and April 30 will receive up to a $100 credit. Earth Day, an annual holiday that encourages people to help the environment by taking actions such as recycling and using less energy, is April 22. "Earth Day provides us with a unique opportunity to offer our customers an additional incentive to recycle their used or unwanted computer equipment," Walt Rosenberg, HP's vice president of corporate, social and environmental responsibility, said in a statement.

Other PC makers, including Dell, also offer recycling programs. Such services allow people to send their aged computers and computer accessories, of any make, for a fee. This keeps more hardware out of landfills, companies have said. In general, large PC manufacturers have become more involved in recycling of late, thanks in part to environmental advocates and legislators. HP typically charges between $17 and $46 for its recycling services, depending on the product, it said in a statement. Under its special offer, the company will arrange pickup at a person's home and mail the HPshopping.com coupon.

News source: C|net

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