HP: Cat fur in PC voids your repair warranty

Having your PC break down while it is still under warranty would seem to be not so bad on the surface. After all, the company is supposed to repair the PC at little to no cost to you if it is still inside the warranty period, right? Not so, according to a customer who bought an HP Elitebook and later found out that owning a cat can be bad for getting your PC repaired by HP.

In a story on The Consurmerist web site, a person who is only going by the name of "Chris" reports that he sent the Elitebook to be repaired by HP but it was returned with nothing done to the PC, and with no explanation by HP.  A few weeks later he finally got to talk to someone at HP who said that there was a massive amount of cat hair inside the computer. HP also showed "Chris" some pictures in order to prove their case, such as the one above.

In fact, HP told "Chris" that there was so much cat hair inside that it constituted a "biological hazard." "Chris", however, isn't buying HP's explanation, saying, "I probably have more cat hair on my shirt than what was in the laptop." He's convinced that the PC had a manufacturing defect and that HP simply wants to get out of repairing it with the cat hair excuse.

In any case, if you do send a PC to be repaired under warranty, the lesson here is, "Clean out the cat hair inside, no matter how little there is of it."

Image via Consumerist.com

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