HP CEO wants more innovative PCs while still aping Apple

The Spectre One is an upcoming AIO PC from HP ...

HP CEO Meg Whitman believes, at least in public statements, that the PC company that she is currently leading needs to stand out from the crowd in terms of the designs of its products. In a new interview, she claims that she wants HP products to have a distinct look.

The chat in the Wall Street Journal says that when Whitman first started as HP's leader a year ago, she was given a HP laptop for company work. In Whitman's terms, the notebook was "a brick" in terms of its design. She added, "I don’t think we kept up on innovation. The whole market has moved to something that is more beautiful.”

The article adds that HP has added two more PC design centers and almost doubled the number of its PC designers to 60 team members in the past year. Whitman clearly feels that Apple has lead the way in terms of creating PC designs that are popular with the public. She states, "Apple taught us that design really matters." Even though she says that it will take a few years for HP to make a PC that is recognized as made by the company by the general public, Whitman says, "I think we've made a lot of progress."

.... that looks a lot like the iMac from Apple.

While Whitman may say these kinds of statements in interviews, the truth is that the company has a long way to go in terms of offering truly innovative PC designs. Witness the recent announcement of the Windows 8-based Spectre One all-in-one PC, which still looks quite a bit like Apple's current version of the iMac.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Images via HP and Apple

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