HP chairman is a Mac

One of the first rules that a business person should learn is to use the products that youre trying to sell. HP Chairman Ray Lane apparently didnt get the memo, as evident in photos published by Reuters.

Lane was one of the board members who helped to get rid of former CEO Apotheker, who couldnt seem to figure out what he wanted to do with the company. Before that, Lane had actually been a very public defender of Apothekers plan to spin off HPs PC division, and now we see why:

Since Meg Whitman took the reigns at HP, Lane has actually reversed his decision, but he still doesnt seem to think that the products they have to offer are very good, since he uses a shiny new Macbook Air. This would never fly if Steve Ballmer was in charge.

But really, if youre going to try to get people to buy your products, why dont you at least use them yourself? Hes basically telling customers, “Hey, dont buy our products, Apple is better!” Hes setting a really bad image. What if Tim Cook got caught using a Windows Phone, or if Bill Gates was spotted with a Mac?

Image courtesy of Reuters

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