HP exec: Windows 8 had a "slower start" than expected

The launch of Windows 8 in late October was not enough to boost sales of PCs overall. Recent numbers from IDC and also from Gartner for the fourth quarter of 2012 show that overall PC shipments worldwide were down for that period.

This week, HP Executive Vice President Todd Bradley admitted in a new interview with Bloomberg that the launch of Microsoft's newest operating system had "a slower start than many people expected." However, he seemed to indicate that sales had already started to improve for 2013, saying, "We see continued momentum and continued growth" for the month of January.

Adduplex's online stat numbers showed earlier this week that HP PCs had the most penetration of all the PC makers, commanding 23 percent of the over 7,500 types of PCs that have Windows 8 running on their systems.

HP launched a number of new Windows 8-specific PCs in late October and early November alongside the launch of the OS, including the Envy 2X tablet with its optional keyboard. The company has more Windows 8 products coming up in 2013, including the ElitePad 900 tablet that's due out in late January and the EliteBook Revolve notebook-tablet convertible, shown above, that is due out sometime in March.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via HP

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