HP “shifting resources from PCs to tablets”

While PC sales continue to slide, tablet and smartphone sales continue to rise. Portable computing is the way forward. And it looks like HP agrees.

HP's Android Slate 7

HP CEO Meg Whiteman has said that the company is “shifting resources from PCs to tablets” in an effort to keep profits up and compete with Apple, Google and Microsoft in the tablet space.

The market moved very fast to tablets and smartphones, and we've got to now manage that transition. And it's not that HP didn't try to manage that transition -- they did with the acquisition of Palm. But as you know under the previous [management] that took a little detour to nowhere.

It’s nice to see that the Palm acquisition and subsequent road to oblivion has been acknowledged as a failed endeavour, but you have to think that if HP had stuck with their initial strategy then, as a company, they would be in a much better position to compete with the iPads and Nexus’ out there.

Now that LG officially own webOS, questions will be asked what OS the tablets will run. People, and that includes us here at Neowin, will assume that Android and/or Windows based tablets will be the norm. But with HP increasing RD (Research and Development) budgets, could we expect a new OS from them? One thing is certain Whitman knows they need to act fast.

Innovation is not dead at this company. So, what I did is I increased RD spending...we have to get these products that are close to market to market fast.

So, is there room for HP to muscle its way into an already crowded space? And is there enough grunt in their research divisions to bring something new and fresh to the, again, already crowded space? We shall wait and see.

Source: Cnet | Image courtesy of Mashable

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