HTC 8X and 8S available for pre-order on Amazon Germany

October has begun and with it, the most insane and exciting launches Microsoft has done in a very long time. Windows Phone 8 will be one of the main events at the end of this month, and along with it the new Nokia and HTC phones. Last week we've seen further details come up about the availability and pricing of these phones, and we can expect even more news in the weeks ahead.

The HTC 8X and 8S are important devices in Windows Phone's portofolio and they have started showing up for pre-order at different stores. After showing up on Amazon UK, it is now Germany's turn. The unlocked 8X and 8S are available for preorder on with a price tag of 605.77 euros ($777.14 ) and 331.38 euros ( $425.12) respectively. The 8X is available in Blue and Black while the 8S offers more choices.

Now these prices are a bit higher than what was expected. For example, Amazon UK lowered their asking price close to $643 for the 8X after originally starting at $857. Will make the same move? We don't really know, and having no official info on the price is becoming frustrating. If these higher prices are the real deal it might give Nokia a chance to be more aggressive on price against HTC. In either case we can expect definitive prices and shipping dates by the end of this month.

So what do you think? Did HTC wow you or is that price tag just to high? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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