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HTC patents a dual-screen touchscreen phone

GadgetMix reports that a patent that has HTC developing a dual-screen touchphone has surfaced. According to the patent, first picked up by Chinese website Zol, the device looks very similar in design to the Nintendo DS. The two screens are revealed when the clamshell is opened up, and the screens are designed so that they act as one large tablet when opened all the way. This would mean that there is little to no bezel in between the two screens when opened completely. When the user is only using one screen, the other screen acts as a QWERTY keyboard.

Image Source: GadgetMix

Gizmodo points out that they've already been impressed with the Android OS's performance on a dual-screen setup, as seen on an enTourage eDGe 'dualbook'. On a smaller, more streamlined device, like the above HTC, Android would seem to be the most logical choice for a dual-screen OS. Especially given HTC's propensity toward using the acclaimed OS in its phones, this wouldn't be surprising.

As competition against the iPad and other slate devices, a similar device that folds up to be as portable as any smartphone could be just the thing to draw in the market demographic that loves the idea of increased screen real estate but requires the portability and convenience of other smartphones on the market.

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