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HTC Windows Phone 7 Devices seeing bugs, other issues

After a rush of early Windows Phone 7 adopters got their hands on their new devices yesterday, the first problems are starting to rear their ugly heads. 

The main problem seems to affect only HTC based devices that are trying to run one of the most marketed features of Windows Phone 7, Xbox Live Extras. The free download has been out for a few days now, but most HTC users who have downloaded it, myself included, just have the application crash on launch. There have been other Xbox Live related crashes too, with achievements not loading and other more minor issues.

A quick look at the Windows Phone 7 marketplace review rating for Xbox Live Extras shows that it isn't just a few devices either. The HTC trophy, HD7 and Mozart are all suffering from the same problems. We put in a request to Microsoft last night to try and find out when it may be fixed but we have yet to hear back.

Other early issues for Windows Phone 7 users seem to be GPS based, with the GPS hardware on some devices (Not just HTC) showing up as quite a long distance away from where they are actually based and the GPS finding it hard to get locations in general. I have spoken to a few other users who say when they are out and about, the devices are showing them sometimes over half a mile away from where they are located.

Long game load times are also being reported, with even small titles running around 80mb taking over a minute to load into the actual games themselves. This is a far cry from the fast speeds being shown in games on both iPhone and Android operating systems. It is currently unknown if this is just due to first generation games or if it is a Windows Phone 7 issue.

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