HTC's U Ultra will begin shipping on March 10

While HTC unveiled the U Ultra back in January, all we knew about when it would ship was that it would be available in mid-March. Today, the company updated its listing to show that it will begin shipping on March 10, which is two days from now.

The U Ultra costs $749, and unlike most flagship phones that are sold in the United States, it's only available unlocked, which means that you can't get it from your local carrier. The move is unprecedented from the carrier, although its last flagship, the 10, wasn't available from AT&T. It's unclear how successful a phone can be in the US when the carriers aren't selling it.

The main new feature of the device is the design, which is the first major refresh to the body of HTC's flagship since the One M7 was released, which was announced back in 2013. The front and rear of the device is now made of glass, rather than the aluminum unibody of its predecessors.

It also has a second display, similar to LG's V-series handsets. Other than that, many of the changes are fairly minor. The Snapdragon 821 chipset is a very moderate improvement on the 820 that was in the 10, and the 12MP camera seems to be the same.

When we reviewed the HTC 10, it was a very impressive device, so we're even more excited to get our hands on the U Ultra. You can order it from HTC right here.

Source: HTC via Android Police

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