Huawei talks up its P20 Pro as a "real generation upgrade" in teaser for the future

It looks like Huawei is taking a shot at Samsung, alluding that the recently announced Galaxy Note9 is not a true generation upgrade.

Huawei managed to send out a tweet, talking up when it built the P20 Pro, it was trying to offer "real upgrades". The firm went into detail, talking about its triple lens camera with a 40MP sensor, five times zoom, and more. The company has every right to brag about its accomplishments, as many have spoken highly about the camera found on the P20 Pro.

The firm closed out the tweet by teasing "imagine what will come next...". While there could possibly be great things on the horizon, such as the anticipated Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, the brand has endured quite a bit in 2018, and sometimes having a great product isn't all that matters.

Source: Huawei (Twitter) via Android Headlines

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