Huawei Watch Fit unboxing and first impressions

Anyone who looks at the smartwatch on my wrist knows that it's probably going to be made by Huawei. With its LiteOS and the Watch GT series, my expectation for smartwatch battery life went from days to weeks. While the Watch GT series promises 14 days, the Watch Fit promises 10 days, which is still miles beyond anything else on the market.

But there's more to the Huawei Watch Fit than the rectangular screen that you see in the image above. There's one key feature in the Watch Fit that even the new Watch GT 2 Pro does not have: guided workouts. The Watch Fit comes with 12 different fitness courses like reenergize, exercise at work, burn fat fast, neck and shoulder relaxation, full-body stretch, and more. It also tells you how long the workout will take, ranging from three to 18 minutes.

This is a feature that I'm super interested in. This is an era of a global pandemic where many can't leave their homes, and if they can, their local gym isn't open. Many of us (including myself) are gaining weight, and we're looking for ways to stay fit at home. Check out the unboxing video below:

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