Hulu releases Hulu Desktop software

Love Hulu, but don't want to be confined to its website when watching your favorite TV shows or movies? Well Hulu just recently released Hulu Desktop, an application for both Windows and OS X that lets you watch Hulu content right from your desktop. Both the Windows Media Center remote and the Apple Remote work with the software as well, so you can use them to navigate through the content.

In addition, Hulu has also launched Hulu Labs, a place that lets you try out experimental projects and give feedback on them while they're still in development.

With Hulu now having a desktop application, it's possible that Hulu content could also come to other devices like Apple TV, etc. Rumors have been floating around that Hulu may come to Xbox 360. With Microoft's E3 conference on Monday, it's possible they could announce something.

Streaming video provider Boxee said in a blog post that it hopes the desktop app means the two sites can work together again. Back in Feburay, Hulu pulled its content from Boxee at the request of its content providers.

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