Humble Indie Bundle 4 launches with blockbuster indie lineup

Today's news of the upcoming Humble Indie Bundle 4 began as a potential leak of its contents, as spotted by DIYGamer. That only gave salivating gamers enough time to check their credit card statements, as the team behind the bundle went ahead with the launch hours later, on the Humble Indie Bundle site.

Like with the previous three bundles before it, and including developer-specfic bundles such as the recent Humble Frozen Synapse and the Humble Introversion bundles, gamers can choose any price they like for the following five games:

In addition, gamers that pay more than the average price ($4.61 at the time of this writing) can also get Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+.

The combined bundle normally costs $100. As with the bundles before it, gamers may split their donation across supporting the developers, the American Red Cross, and the Child's Play Charity.

The last major Humble Indie Bundle garnered over $2.1 million in donations between July 26 and August 9.

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