Humble Indie Bundle 7 adds more games

Last week, Humble Indie Bundle 7 launched allowing people to purchase four games and the documentary Indie Film: The Movie for whatever they wish to pay, plus two more games if they paid more than the average amount. This week, the bundle added three more games to the mix if people go over that average amount (current at $6.55).

The three new games for Humble Indie Bundle 7 are Basement Collection, Cave Story+, and Offspring Fling. They will be added for people who pay more than the average amount for the bundle that already has The Binding of Isaac (with its DLC Wrath of the Lamb), Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, Dungeon Defenders (and its DLC) and Legend of Grimrock, plus Indie Game: The Movie. Buying all these games together at their normal prices would cost over $170.

With about five days to go, Humble Indie Bundle 7 now has generated close to $2.2 million as of this writing. Keep in mind that all these games will be made available in DRM-free PC, Mac and Linux versions and that many of the games will come with free downloadable soundtracks. As with the previous Humble Indie Bundle events you can also choose to donate money to two charities, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play.

Source: Humble Bundle website

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